⁴     Hello I'm JD Frampton from Washington State USA. Born in Seattle and raised on the East Side.   I love music and think it's a great way to reflect, express and amplify feelings. There were times in my life I felt like music was one of my only friends. Used to walk down the streets as a teen in the 80s toting a boom box or guitar.
  Here is a moderate history of musical projects I've been involved with.  I think it's best to start with where we are now so it's going to be backward.  .drawkcab eb ot gniog s'ti os won era ew erehw htiw trats ot tseb s'ti kniht I  .sesealer lacisum ym fo yrotsih a si ereH

 June 25th 2021 "Dancing With Strangers" is now released.  This song was going to be an instrumental with the same title, but I liked it so much I decided to have singing. Drawing on the emotional energy of a hard break up and wild feelings of my young adult life. It's a story of emotion, adventure and fun dance beats.

 March 15th 2021 I released a cover of Octopus's Garden. I recorded this to bring solace. I hope you enjoy it and that it lifts your spirits. Or at least brings some escape from the sorrows of this world for those who need it. Whatever the case I think it likely to be fun for trips and parties. Bring it along. If you go on a trip or have a party but don't actually play the song that's ok too. At least the idea got you to have a trip or party!

 In September with 2020 marching by wreaking all it's destruction, I released a cover song that was a guitar rendition of "Faded Flowers".  Dark soft and pretty.  A song that seemed to fit the time.  I hope you enjoy it.  This is a minimalist rock recording.  It has drums, a guitar part and vocals.
 July 2020 brought the single release "Light". It was written and recorded in 2019 but it was never mastered or released till 2020.   Waiting for a time that felt right for it.  It's about the day. 21st century day life under the sun.   An original song that is a harmonious opposite to "Darkness".  A busy song with, I don't like to categorize but do it to be descriptive about 20% progressive rock/68% dance rock/ 22% art rock.  The real thing for me to capture the feeling is the video.
 Affected on a deeply emotional level by the pandemic, shortly after the "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" cover song, I released the "Love Is Like Oxygen" cover, hoping it would resonate with listeners, as it did with me.  One of my favorite songs of all times I hoped to cover much later, but had become obsessed with it.
In March 2020 I released the "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" cover (a song that's been done to death  but I think it's awesome and wanted to do a upbeat version of the song in a particular style) with the idea of a great for spring break and road trips.  However shortly after it was released the Covid 19 pandemic started, then it seemed to me in feedback I was getting, that a lot of the people who liked it thought of it more as a song about getting out of wherever they were in The United States. This single, though on most of the streaming services it was released it to, had not been available on YouTube for reasons I can only speculate.  I still love you Youtube.  So I took this song down.  It has beeen re-released again tweaked a little but back.
In late 2019 I released a Holiday single "Days of Long Gone by".  My first minimalist recording released with only vocals and single instrument guitar.  A online computer program said this song is a live recording, it isn't.  But I'm very please it thinks so.  This tune has grown inside me since I was like 12.  First trying to understand the meaning of Auld Lang Syne which was not written as a Holiday song but somehow became a New Years hit.  To me it was always a song of forgiveness for most of my life.  I thought that's what it was about.  Reading through translations and the history of the song I realized it's a song of remembrance for those that were once with us.  Even those you still know are not the same personages as they were in the past.  You can never really go back.  If you could would you want to?  If you did would you rather be as you are now or be how you were then?  Life is full of chapters, we are all on our own journey and our paths often stray far from those we are close to in each time.    All those faces all those people from the past!  The song tells a close story to the original centuries old translation but I changed the words to try to capture what this song means in this time.  In hopes other's would share this feeling it brings to me.  I hope it brings comfort and peace to all who hear it.  
 Deeper past. In the 80s through early 90s I played in garage bands (rock & punk),  a top 40 cover band, a pop rock band and indie rock bands.  During that time period one of the indie rock bands made an EP cassette under the name "Kingpin" (which may be out there somewhere featuring songs written by me and my co-band partner G. Gardenhire) and another indie rock band made a demo single under the name 21 Summers (co-written by my self and G.Gardenhire) a ballad called "Sapphire Eyes" we at the studio all thought was really good.  That song was on a few cassettes owned by band members but if it still exists it's probably only in the files of Wind Studios.
  Then I came back as a solo indie artist with my album "Tricycles and Jackknives Stereophonic" in the summer of 2019.  This album features songs I wrote, composed my self in the 80s, 90s and some in 2019.  Including the song "Talk To the Orangutan" written for the album which includes the voices of my parrot and the household dog.
  Thanks for your interest in JD Frampton music.
  More songs and videos are in the works.